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What are you currently doing for energy? Caffeine? Taurine? Sugar? What if we told you that we have a solution that is backed by science from Stanford, Purdue and Lifegen technologies that doesn’t contain any stimulants or harmful side effects? Does it work? Check out this video and tell me if it is worth a try…

Mouse On The Right-Vitality!

AgeLoc Vitality Side Effects and FAQ

The highly anticipated ageLOC Vitality is scheduled for release on October 6, 2010. Reserve your position and join our team now! We  are pre-ordering  to be among the first to have our hands on this product!

Oh yeah, by the way, the pricing is set at $50 a month! What does that mean? Everybody needs to be on Vitality. This is huge!!

AgeLOC science has been all over the local and national media outlets. Here is one of the most recent reports featured on a local Fox network. How cool is it to represent products that people want and are willing to stand in line for? Stay tuned…this is about to get real interesting!

We have all heard the phrase that, ” You have to be at the right place at the right time.” I’m here to tell you that there has never been a better time for this industry and more specifically this company. The stars have most definitely aligned. The economy is still in trouble, very good people everyday are getting let go or down sized from their jobs. We are at the leading edge of a 180 billion dollar trend that is growing and expanding. Where there is growth, there is opportunity. Very innovative products and technology has recently been released. A pipeline of exclusive products is set to be rolled out over the next 10 years. Products that are highly emotional, visual and consumable. Products that people want and will stand in line for. A company that has a 25 year successful track record that holds one of the strongest financial ratings on Wall Street. Statements that have been made to Wall Street that the company will grow from $1.33 billion to $5 billion on the next five to ten years. Statements that didn’t have to be made. Let’s put that into perspective. It took twenty years for the company to reach $1 billion, and it has been stated publicly that they are going to $5 billion in almost five times less time.
But the question really is…are YOU in the right place at the right time? The definition of timing is the point when things begin to occur. Are YOU at the point when things begin to occur? WHO is the person that makes things happen in your life?
See this video, where Kenton Worthington, explains the timing principle in detail.

Our most recent trip to Pirates Cove with Kenton Worthington was an out of this world experience! We were privileged to hear from best selling author Kevin Hall, which is always a room shaker. Nathan Ricks, a legend in the industry, also flew down and spent a couple of hours sharing his story and advice. And of course, the one and only Kenton Worthington, rocked the house. Nobody has more fun, and provides more quality experiences then does Team NS!