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Meet Jake Taylor

Posted: August 1, 2010 in Team

Jake Taylor talks with Bill Ganz about why he made the decision to join the team. Jake has spent the last 12 years as an owner of one the largest home security companies in the country. At his company’s peak they had over 1200 employees. If anybody understands business it is Jake Taylor. This company, and in particular our team, attracts very high caliber individuals and business minds.


Kenton, Krystal, Nathan, Griff, Matt

Nathan Ricks’ Story

Nathan’s previous background was in the real estate industry and it was 1989.  Nathan had come home from long day at the office.  He remembers he had taken off his shoes and was relaxing his feet- standing on the tile floor when his phone rang.  It was his brother in law. He started talking and Nathan listened to him for 20 minutes talk about Nu Skin before cutting him off and bluntly told him that he was not going to do it.

There was a 10 second pause and then his brother-in-law said: “what’s your problem?!”  So, since he had asked, Nathan told him straight up.  That he’s competitive, and with his brother in law having started 5 years earlier, there’s no way Nathan could catch up to him and that would drive him crazy the rest of his life.

He said there was a pause and then gratefully his brother in law came back strong by saying: “That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life.  Why begrudge me my success?  I’ve worked my butt off for what I have.  You can do this Nathan.  Write it down in your little book.  I’m going to move forward with or without you and I’m going to make $100k a month with our without you.”

Nathan said, “it was like a stake in my heart.  I believed him.  I thought- man if he actually does that, I wont’ be able to hang out with him at all!  I won’t be able to go to the family reunions!”

Then his brother in law said: “Let me tell you your real problem Nathan.  You’re in wrong financial vehicle.  Most people’s financial vehicles are flawed.  They don’t have the ability to create wealth.  It’s simply trading time for money and they rend their life, body and mind for someone elses benefit and they end up with nothing or very little.  You’re peddling a 10 speed bike Nathan and I’m in a Ferrari.  No matter how fast you peddle you’ll never catch me.”

Nathan thought: “Maybe my vehicle is screwed up.  Maybe there is a better way.”

Many of you know the rest of Nathan’s story. He was about $300 bucks short of making $100k/month, in is twelfth month in the business. He has obviously never looked back and has gone on to make millions and establish a legacy in the industry.

Our most recent trip to Pirates Cove with Kenton Worthington was an out of this world experience! We were privileged to hear from best selling author Kevin Hall, which is always a room shaker. Nathan Ricks, a legend in the industry, also flew down and spent a couple of hours sharing his story and advice. And of course, the one and only Kenton Worthington, rocked the house. Nobody has more fun, and provides more quality experiences then does Team NS!

The Team

Posted: May 29, 2010 in Team
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Well…this is those of us that were able to make it to Anaheim in January for the product launch that sold over $11 million in 45 minutes! It was crazy to see people throwing elbows to get this stuff in their hands.