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Kenton Worthington

Kenton Worthington & Bill Ganz

Kenton Worthington

A large majority of NSE’s revenue is generated in Asian countries. Rumor has it that Nu Skin has it’s eyes on the Vietnamese market. Now is the time to think about who you know that speaks Vietnamese, is from Vietnam or has contacts there.

Who do you know from Vietnam and/or speaks Vietnamese?

At last, starting today, Ukraine is in pre-launch phase. The doors are open and the Ukrainian people are embracing this massive opportunity. The energy and excitement is off the charts! Kenton Worthington himself has stated that Ukraine will be the number one market in Europe in very short order. These words coming from a man that is responsible for the expansion into Hungary, Czech Republic, Russia, Turkey and many other European markets. He created the momentum that is now felt by the entire company.
The time is now for anyone who speaks Russian and/or has contacts in Ukraine, Russia or any of the surrounding countries.

It’s official! NSE has announced plans to launch in Ukraine. For a limited time there is a pre-launch opportunity to get established on the ground floor.